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2 Things I did to calm myself before my Driving Re-test

In case you were wondering, yes I passed my driving re-test last Friday! :)
I have to emphasize that although emotional healing is important, it is also very crucial to actually have enough physical practice and visualization in order to have a high possibility of passing the Driving Test. What I would like to share with you here are the two things I did to calm myself before the driving re-test, especially considering that I failed big time during the first test. (I also did my best to take more driving lessons to correct the mistakes that I made during the first test.)  
Young Living Feelings Kit
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The Feelings kit features six 5-ml essential oil blends formulated by D. Gary Young (Founder of Young Living) to promote emotional clearance and self renewal. This collection includes Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release and Present Time. The set also comes with a CD containing a document on the purpose of each essential oil blend, as well as how to use the oils in sequence.
I have been curious about this Feelings kit for a long, long time. I have friends who use it with EFT tapping, and others who use the Raindrop Technique to apply the essential oil blends. The main reason I hesitated was because I am already experiencing huge improvements in emotional healing just using The Wonder Method™. Buying this set seemed like such a luxury item which I felt I didn't need.
Finally, especially after making so many mistakes during my first Driving Test, and also since I get to receive the Everyday Oils set (ten 5-ml essential oils and oil blends) for FREE for taking part in the Essential Rewards program for six consecutive months (woohoo!), I decided to purchase this Feelings kit for my Essential Rewards order. 
The day I collected this kit was just one day before my Driving re-test. I opened the precious six 5-ml essential oil blend bottles gingerly and focused on processing my feelings around my driving experiences, failing my first driving test, and facing the driving re-test the next day. I used The Wonder Method™ to open myself to the high frequencies from each oil blend. 
It was such a wonderful experience! Although I have been using the essential oils for a long time, these essential oil blends felt a lot more potent than the everyday oils that I have been using.
When it came to using the Forgiveness essential oil blend, I didn't quite know what to do. I didn't feel that I actually NEED to forgive myself or anyone else regarding driving, but I just went ahead and brainstormed anything I could think of that are related to driving. 
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  • I forgave some of the instructors whom I felt didn't teach me the skills properly, causing me to fail my first driving test and thus waste the money and time I took to learn driving. 
  • I forgave this other instructor who kept reinforcing the belief that these instructors really didn't teach me well enough.
  • I forgave myself for not seeking clarification on skills that I wasn't quite sure of.
  • I forgave myself for blaming my instructors for causing me to fail the first test.
  • I forgave myself for putting negativity in my experiences around driving.
  • I forgave myself for not doing enough visualization practice on the various driving segments
I felt so much lighter and more emotionally stable after going through the six essential oil blends.  The next day, I brought Valor and Inner Child along to apply while waiting to take the re-test. I applied Valor on my shoulders, and Inner Child under my nose and on my wrists. 
Podcast on Making Peace with your Life's Challenges
I've also just recorded this podcast on making peace with your life's challenges. It is the first time that I added this beautiful meditation music produced by Melanie Beckler from I listened to this 13 minute meditation podcast while waiting to take the re-test and it made me feel so much calmer. 
I honestly could feel that these two things helped to calm myself and drive better during the re-test. My tester was not very patient and I normally would have freaked out and made more mistakes, but in fact I was pretty calm throughout the test. 
After passing the test, I continued to use the Feelings kit and my meditation podcast to process my feelings around driving our family car and ferrying my two young boys around. Having this new driving license has opened up new possibilities for me and I am so excited to put this skill to good use :)
So, these are the two things that I did to calm myself before my driving re-test. Feel free to listen to this meditation podcast that is already embedded in this blog post. Also, feel free to email me if you would like to find out more about how you can benefit from using this powerful Feelings kit from Young Living. I will be creating in-person sessions combining the use of this Feelings kit with The Wonder Method™. Stay tuned for this new service coming up soon! :)