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The birth of its new logo!

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A beautiful logo was born on 17 Dec 2015 for Bingz Healing Hands. I am so thankful that I found Ana Coeur whom agreed to design this logo for me, even though I had no idea what I wanted it to look like. 
We went through a couple of big changes, and this version just felt so RIGHT for the energy of Bingz Healing Hands. 
This post is specially written to explain the significance of the new logo :)
The blue lotus
I have always felt very close to goddess Kwan Yin because whenever I tune into her I get reminded to show compassion for myself. There was this soul portrait drawn for me by the wonderfully gifted Kali-Ma Shub, which had goddess Kwan Yin imprinted in my energy, as shown here:
Soul portrait of me painted by Kali-Ma Shub
The depictions of goddess Kwan Yin are always shown with the lotus flowers emerging beautifully from the muddy pond. So, the blue lotus in the logo is a symbol of her compassionate energy, as well as to symbolize purity. My Chinese name 冰洁 is short for 冰清玉洁 , which symbolizes purity as well! 
The softness and gentleness portrayed in this blue lotus with its different shades of blue highlights the softness of the healing done in Bingz Healing Hands. I believe that when we heal through gentleness, we resist less against the healing and thus the effects are much longer-lasting and deeper healing can be done. 
Healing Hands and the 5 little hearts
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I also love it that the bottom curvature of the blue lotus is meant to symbolize my healing hands in this gesture as well. Here, I am holding the Light, Softness and Magical possibilities.
The five little hearts down the left side of the lotus flower represent my five fingers on each hand. Love, shown by the hearts, forms the basis of each healing session. 
The word 'bingz' is written in lowercase and in casual handwritten font in the logo. This is to show that I am only the catalyst in your healing. My best clients already know how they want to lead their lives and they understand that they are fully responsible for everything that happens and will happen in their lives. My role is simply to help them relax and gain emotional clarity through the healing sessions, so that they would intuitively know what their next steps are.  
What's coming up next for Bingz Healing Hands?
With this new clearer energy set by this new logo, Bingz Healing Hands is ready to take big steps forward in 2016! 
I'll be looking for local venues to start conducting group meditations using The Wonder Method™, offer in-person healing sessions and raise funds to learn and get certified to teach The Wonder Method™. I will also be sharing more about using therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance your healing as well.
This is the last blog post for 2015. I wish all of you a wonderfully magical Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2016. I am still available for distance healing sessions for the rest of this year so do feel free to contact me if you would like to experience a session. :)