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    Cultivate Emotional Wisdom

    Free Two-Hour Workshop

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    - Do you find it overwhelming to manage your emotions on a day-to-day basis?
    - Do you find it difficult to manifest what you want in life?
    - Do you use positive affirmations to replace your negative thought patterns but find that your emotions keep getting in the way?

    In this experiential session, let Bingz share with you how you can:
    - manage your emotional ups and downs better,
    - create new empowering beliefs and
    - manifest what you want much more easily!

    You will be learning basic principles of Human Design (a cutting-edge personality assessment tool), understand your own personalized Human Design chart better, and use your Human Design together with essential oils to bring about fast and effective emotional healing.

    *do go to (non-affiliated site), click on 'Free chart' to enter your birth details (time of birth is important!) and receive your personalized chart.
    About Bingz
    Bingz is a an intuitive healer with more than 8 years of energy healing experience. She typically helps heart-centered women who feel overwhelmed and drained heal emotionally and realign to their higher purpose. She is certified as a coach in The Wonder Method and as a specialist in the Healing by Human Design system.

    *Please Register for your space at

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Please note that I am not a health professional so I do not give any medical diagnosis. If you have any issue that require any medical attention please do seek advice from a qualified health professional.
Cancellations and Refunds
A full refund will be given for a paid single session if the notice is given at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. 
There will be no refunds made for paid packages if the first session is already in progress.