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Self-sacrifice Vs Unconditional love

insight from a client's healing
Recently, I received a request from a friend to do a Foundation Session (now no longer offered) for his wife, who is currently quite sick. I found out that she literally gave a piece of her soul to her husband when they got married, and this act of love consequently worsened her physical health. And I guess there are no coincidences when at this same period, I re-watched The Matrix, where the lovebirds, Neo and Trinity, were 100% willing to sacrifice themselves to save each other.

It may seem romantic in movies to sacrifice your own happiness, or even your life, for the sake of your love one. But doing this, or arriving at a situation where you may feel it’s either your life or his/her life at stake, actually shows that you do not believe in the principle of abundance, that there must always be some sort of give and take. Are you boxing up your life with this limiting belief of Lack? How much are you constraining your own life and happiness by thinking this way?

True love is infinitely abundant. There is absolutely no need to sacrifice, when you think of yourselves as soaking in the infinite stream of love that is available to all. When you feel that you want to give up a part of yourself to prove the love you have for another, you are unconsciously putting a conditional clause on this relationship, and implying that you need to do something in order to deserve this love. If you find yourself doing this, please do think about the choices you’ve just made, and decide again, whether you would prefer having an infinitely abundant love, or a constrained love. We always have the choice to review the past choices we have made, and make new choices to create a different reality.