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Human Design Chart Analysis for Empowered Empaths — Ursa Swensen

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This is a brand new series that I am starting, to support fellow empowered Empaths, as well as to educate others on how others can use their unique Human Design charts to gather insights about their innate gifts and energetic challenges that might be invisible to others.

Kickstarting this series is Ursa Swensen, whom I got to know as a fellow member of an authentic business mentoring group, and she sees herself as a sensitive and empathic person as well!

Her short bio states that she is “a mentor who journeys with women who feel overwhelmed and equips them to live a life that is empowering, liberating, and transforming.”

Let’s take a look at her Human Design chart to appreciate her innate gifts and invisible energetic challenges that she might have been experiencing, and I will cross-reference each part with the specific parts in her web page.

Here is a quick chart of all nine energy centers that are labelled for your quick reference.

First of all, I would take a look at the energy centers that she is Open in. She is Open in her Throat, Identity (G) and Will Centers. Having these three Open Centers does help to explain her sensitive and empathic gifts, as well her natural tendency to feel overwhelmed through these centers.

Open Identity(G) Center

The G Center is the center of Identity, Love and Life Direction.

Being Open in her G Center gives her the possible gift of being able to sense another’s Identity deeply, allowing her to help give her clients’ more clarity and insight into who they are.

One of the biggest challenges in having an open G Center is that she might have felt very insecure about feeling loved and lovable, especially in her early childhood years. It is easy for her to blend in with different people from different backgrounds, and thus it can also be easy to lose herself in her relationships in order to try to feel loved.

As Ursa has shared in her longer biography, she wrote: “I learned how to please and serve others and keep them happy, but not about how to love myself or keep myself healthy…I learned deep self-care through certification by WellGrounded Institute,” This is connected to the challenges of her Open G, and how she eventually overcame them by strengthening her self-love and self-care practices.

Open Throat Center

The Throat Center is about expression, communication and taking action.

Her Open Throat allows her to be able to channel what her clients are thinking and/or feeling. This is another great quality as a Mentor!

However, the challenge of the Open Throat is that, as a child, she most probably found herself sharing emotions and thoughts of the people around her, without knowing that she was speaking for them. As an Open Throat, if she speaks up without being invited to share, the truths that she shares might be ignored, or even criticized when they are not ready to be heard by others. She shared that some of her life lessons in being brave and in speaking her truth are most probably related to cultivating the wisdom of her Open Throat Center.

Open Will Center

The Will Center is about having willpower as extra energy to push through and get things done quickly, provided that the reward for pushing through is in taking a well-earned break!

It is also about knowing your inherent value, the value you provide in your products / services, and knowing how valuable it is to take good care of yourself too!

Being Open in the Will Center, there is no consistent source of willpower to use for pushing through. It is easy to feel insecure about the value you provide to others, and thus feel the need to keep pushing to impress others. I think this also contributes to the people-pleasing pattern that Ursa once felt trapped in, as mentioned in the part about the Open G. The pushing in her life also led to experiencing burnout in her mid-forties.

So this is an example of how when you use energy that you don’t have consistent access to, such as using willpower in your Open Will Center to keep pushing, it leads to pain and suffering such as burnout.

Defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center

Ursa has shared that one of her life lessons is that “It is okay to feel your own emotions”. And this arises out of her Defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center, where she experiences emotions that go up and down in a wavelike manner, regardless of what was going on in her life. These are normal fluctuations of emotions in her life, and once she has learned to be at peace with her emotions, be it a high mood or a low mood, and to feel her emotions, it becomes much easier for her to ride out her emotional waves, and do whatever is best for her energy at any point in time.

Defined Head and Ajna Centers

Only 10% of the world’s population are defined in both the Head and Ajna Centers. Being defined in both centers gives Ursa the potential gift of being an inspirational influence to others. I love how Ursa is really strong in inspiring other women to cultivate positive mindsets in their lives.

Fixed Relationship to Shock, Fears and Transitions

Ursa has a Defined Spleen Center, which when healthy, gives her a natural ability to let go of the past easily and stay in the Here and Now.

She also has a defined Gate 51 which is the gate of Shock, in her top four Gates (part of her Incarnation Cross). Ursa has shared that she has been through so many traumatic shocking experiences, and through these experiences, she has learned to be incredibly resilient. She has even learned that she is now inspired to guide other sensitive women through their life transitions as well! This is so beautiful and valuable!

Following her Intuition

Being a Generator (one of the five Energy Types) with Emotional Authority, Ursa has learned how to listen to her natural intuition in her Sacral Center, while taking time to make the best decisions for herself. By following her Strategy and Authority, she is allowing herself to realign to the best and most empowering version of herself, while still honoring her sensitivity and using it as a gift for her clients.

Interested in working with Ursa Swensen?

Here are some of the ways you can work with Ursa Swensen:

Interested in learning more about Human Design?

If you are completely new to Human Design, and are keen to learn more about it, here’s what you can start with:

  1. Get your free Human Design Chart at this link
  2. The easiest way to start learning and benefiting from your Human Design chart is to learn more about your Energy Type and Strategy. There are five Energy Types and you can look up your chart to know your Energy Type. Watch this video I made (click on the relevant timestamps in the description for your Type) to learn more about your Energy Type and Strategy.
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